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Hi Lovlies, 

I’ve been thinking hard about all the things I want to chat about on my blog and show on my blog and I’ve noticed that I don’t chat much about the environment. Our planet is something I’m very passionate about, I still have A LOT to learn, but hopefully we can take the journey together.

Below are five things that I’ve implemented in my day to day life over the past few years. I think I’ll try do some of the challenges in a few months too and blog about the experience. 

Always have at least two shoppers with you.

This is a sure easy one to get into, I just throw them in my bag and route them out when needed. It’s a good idea to have two, eat right says “Pack meats, seafood, poultry and eggs in a different shopping bag or tote than other foods. While you’re at it, pack frozen and refrigerated foods separately from room temperature foods. This helps keep cold foods chilled until you get home, and it simplifies unpacking too.” 

Change to FaceHalo’s or reusable bamboo cotton pads. 

One of the biggest changes I’ve made was changing from traditional cotton pads to FaceHalos. They have not only reduced my cotton waste but also I use one less face product. 

With the traditional pads I would be using a cleanser, which of course is a plastic bottle and those ingredients from the cleanser are deposited onto the cotton pad which I assume wouldn’t be great for the planet.  

Invest in a good quality drinks bottle.

I’m sure you’ve got a drink bottle or on the go coffee cup, but do you remember to bring it with you everywhere? I don’t actually have two bottles, one I leave in work all the time so I NEVER forget it, and one at home that I keep at our desk area. I don’t really drink coffee, but in the winter months I do treat myself to a cheeky hot chocolate now and again so investing in a cup is probably a good idea. Both are great for travel too, at Jersey airport they have a water dispenser where you can fill your bottle which I think is great. 

Shop at local markets that don’t plastic wrap their fruit and veg.

This one is great on a number of levels. Less plastic, supporting local businesses, and supporting local farmers. #Winning 

Your handy shopper will come in handy here too. If you are a meat eater, it’s a good idea to check out the butchers too. I haven’t done this myself yet, but it would defo cut down on the amount of single use plastic. 


This one should be obvious one. Here is Jersey a number of local shops and the town hall, provide the blue and pink recycling bags. They have a schedule online of the pick ups and a couple of tips too. The less single use plastic you use the less recycling you’ll need to do!   

Do you have any tip or tricks for me? I’d love to hear from you! Pop a comment down below.

Till next time.

Sarah xo

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