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I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that I’m  huge fan of Halloween. I used to have big Parties when I was younger and always love to do some bakes and have a girly movie night!

It’s a perfect time to crack out my more vampy shades that I’m mad for! I have seven options for you, one for each day of Halloween week. 

Some are better than other, but I LOVE the colour of each one and the wear or bleeding is a small price to pay in my eyes!

1. Revlon – Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Infatuation (675)

I love these Liquid Lippies, I think they will defo be featuring in my 2017 Ride or Dies. This is a deep wine colour, that I just can’t get enough of! It wears really well! It does bleed a bit, but most lippies do on me so it doesn’t bother me. The colour pay of is amazing and the lasting power is good. The best thing about these lippies are the feel on the lips. They are not drying and I never feel the need to chew my face off when I wear them. The price isn’t half bad either, coming in at £8.99. Hence why I love them!!




2. Sleek – True Colour Lipstick in Mulberry

I adore Sleek! I have nearly all of their eye shadow palettes and a few other bits from them, but I hardly ever talk about them! I have a number of Sleek lippies but, today its all about Mulberry. I think this might be one of my favourite lippies and coming in at £4.99. Do you ever have that, I hardly ever wear it, but when I do I’m like YAAASSSS!!! The colour pay off is AMAZING! Unlike the Revlon one it’s not Matte, so its really comfortable on the lip. Now wear wise its not great, but its super easy to re-apply. This doesn’t bother me as I actually really like applying lippie, and it gives me an excuse to dash off to the loo so I can take a breath! 





3. Maybelline – Super Stay 24 Color in All Day Plum (363)

Ok so this is a bit of a cheat one! Meaning I don’t know that I should be promoting this product as it doesn’t work for me very well, but I LOVE this colour so I couldn’t help myself. It does last well, but it goes a bit gritty after a while and I usually have to remove it all with a wet wipe and then re-apply. Anyway the colour pay off is so pretty and I adore the applicator, coming in at £8.99 its not cheap but I love the shades so I of course like to torture myself! PS it smells AMAZING!





4. YSL – Rouge Volupte Shine in #3 (This has been discontinued)  

A bit more of a primium one this time! YSL is one of my favourite brands. I have a few of these, they smell great, and are a bit more like a balm in my opinion. This is the one I would reach for if my lips aren’t feeling great and I wanna top up regularly and keep my lips moisturised and smelling great. Sorry that its discontinued 🙁 




5. NewLook – Matte Lipstick in Noir

For any of my Halloween OGs you need a Black Lippie in your collection! This one isn’t be best of quality, but I LOVE the packaging (Rose Gold) so I couldn’t resist!! Its not super pigmented, but it feels comfortable on the lip and is quite buildable. I think I got this on sale for 79p so sure I couldn’t say no!




6. Barry M – Lip Paint in 160 

Barry M is one of my favourite brands for nail paint so over the last while I’ve been dipping into other things! Todays its about the Lip Paint in 160. This is a bit less vampie then the other but it has that kinda blood / deep berry tone so I felt it deserved a shout out. It’s sooo comfortable on the lip! And this packaging…LOOOOOVVEEE it!!!! I’m not a huge fan of pink but who can resist hot pink packaging. Not me. At £4.99 its a steal!




7. NYX – Intense butter gloss in Black Cherry Tart 

So I’ve just realised that my go to lip “texture” is moisturising. I think 9 times out of 10 in the autumn/winter time moisturising it what my lips need and want. So this INTENSE gloss fits right in ha ha.

Once I was told by a “professional” that purple was not my colour, it seems I don’t give a fuck! coz I also just noticed that most of these lippies are purple tones ha ha.

This bleeds like a mofo depending on how heavy handed I am. Which means all the time coz I want that colour pay off! 




What lippie are you loving this autumn? Let me know in the comments below!

Till Next week,

Sarah xo


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