About Me, Myself & I



Hi Lovely!

Thanks so much for your interest in my blog!!

I’m Sarah, a 30 something woman from Dublin living in Jersey CI.  

I decided to start this blog after going to a few part time courses in make-up artistry and after being at a bit of a loss about what career direction to go in.

I love makeup and have always had huge issues with acne, so for me it’s always been a necessity! After doing the courses I found out a lot of super helpful hints and tips and started researching more and more about people’s skin issues, and what others are doing to overcome it. After a couple of weeks I was hooked.

I decided I wanted to get involved too!! So here I am!!

I chose the name MagpieMagpie as one magpie is for sorrow so I thought I’d have two for joy. I’m a magpie by nature too so it seemed fitting. I’ve always loved sparkles and jewellery, but I think once I started working in the jewellery industry I became obsessed. I seemed to pick up anything with a bit of sparkle, some might say it has become a problem… but not me.

I focus on make-up, skin care, lifestyle, anxiety and a bit of jewellery (my second love!!).

If you have questions or tips please contact me on [email protected],  on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and I can be contacted on here too.