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Hi Lovelies. Let’s talk Packing Cubes. Perhaps the best time to write this would have been in the summer, when everyone is traveling, but I’ve started to get super excited about going home for Christmas and I can’t stop thinking about what I’ll need to pack, and how to pack it, so it seemed like the perfect time to talk about my Amazon Packing Cubes

This Christmas I have two flights, so to relieve some of the stress I’ll just be taking carry on luggage. Here’s a link to my Travel Anxiety post. The packing cubes are great for carry on’s and checkin’ luggage. The plan of action is to travel over with my carry on, and then travel back with my carry on and a check in bag. Full of all the things I’ve been missing from home. There’s lots of of packing cubes to choose from. Different colours, sizes, and patterns. I went for a turquoise/mint. The Amazon packing cubes I chose have a few size options, and most importantly, are reasonably priced. Here is a link to the 7 set Packing Cubes I chose.  

Of course you can spend as much as you can or like.  I just wasn’t sure how useful they would be for me so I went for under £20 price point. The idea was great, but I wasn’t sure if I’d actually find them useful. Also just to mention, I blindly bought. I wasn’t exactly what would fit in my carry on. If you are a more organised person I’m sure you could probably measure your case and then do a bit of tetris to figure out what would work best for you. But why not live life on the wild side and just take a guess. Ha! Ha!

If you’ve clicked the link, you’ll see I chose a set of 7, 3 Packing Cubes, 2 Pouches, 1 Underwear Pouch, and 1 Shoe Bag. It says the colour is green, but it’s more of a mint maybe… I’ve noticed that they now stock black and grey. I love a bit of colour, so I’m good at the moment. 

Do you use packing cubes? Could you tag me in your pics on instagram if you have any. I love seeing how other people pack and or

Till next week.

Sarah xo


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