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Liner. Who can live without it? I for one can not. I’ve been trying any testing a number over the past few months, but first on the hit list is Barry M Eye Define Waterproof Liquid Liner. As we know I wear liner all day everyday, I recently ask my friends and family about my signature style and most mentioned a winged liner. As we know by now when I’m looking for makeup I need it to be quick and easy, no fuss, no mess, just lash it on and done!! Thats why for everyday wear I choose a gel liner. 


I’m a massive fan of the Barry M nail paint (especially the SunSet range) but hadn’t really tried much more then that, so last year I started picking up a few bits here and there. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the liner but had actually never tried a waterproof one and thought it might be good for the summer if it worked!

I usually like a brush applicator but this one has a felt tip. I know I know what, but your such a fussy bitch. Well… this tip is like a hybrid so its a felt tip but with a bit of movement in it, flexible. I need that flexibility, a really rigid one just doesn’t work for me. I can’t use it, drives me up the wall. I might as well be rubbings a 2B pencil across my eye, its just not for me (unless the ones I’ve tried were duds and then I take it all back!! ha ha )


The consistency of the liner is very liquidy, you need to make sure to remove a good bit of it off the applicator other wise its in ur eye ball and no ones a winner. Once you mastered the art of less is more it applies beautifully. A very steady hand is needed though as it does dry very quick and its waterproof so its a fucker to remove. I’d suggest using it a few times when you know you’ll be in the house and if it all goes wrong there is no one to see. Like with all thinks once you know what your doing your grand so one you get into that sweet product groove this product is lovely on.


I do have a few reservations with it though and think I would only use it in the summer time when beaching etc. Heres why. I like my liners more matte, this is a rather shiny and getting it off the eye is a pain in the ass!!! Its almost like laytex in that it sort of peels off. When using an eye makeup remover you have to use a lot of elbow greese. Do not, I repeat, do not bother doing this with contact lenses in as the will get lost in your eye ball. I ended up getting so frustrated with trying to get if off that I scrubeed like there was no tomorrow and made my eye all raw and lost my contact in the back on my eye ball for about 5 mins. not good. Often i gave up and then forgot that i still had the product on my eye and rubbed my eye if it had gotten itchy and the I got it in my eye and it was very sore and just not good. 

If I wasn’t such a #LazyGirl this would be a great product, but I am so for me its just not the one! My search continues! 

Sarah xo



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