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Hi Lovlies, 

Apologies I haven’t written in a while.

After nearly two weeks of sickness, and about a month of being very low,  I’m starting to feel more like myself again. So of course I thought to myself, why not get on here and torture myself with things I want, and will likely not get. Who doesn’t love a wish list?! As my birthday is in a few days I thought I’d start a tradition and do a birthday wish list every year! Hopefully you’ll enjoy. 

A Nice Candle

We all know a gift of a candle is greatly received. My favourites are Jo Malone, and Kota candles. Kota candles recently brought out a new range and I’m very keen on one. They have also introduced some new scents, and Happy Hour is right up my street.  

Jewellery Design Course

One of my biggest passions is jewellery. Hopefully that comes across in my blog and IG. After deciding to change careers I swore to myself, that even though I wasn’t working in jewellery anymore, I’d follow my passion for jewellery design. This will be my first step. 


This year is all about building up my “perfect” (theres no such thing as perfect) collection. I’m not usually very trend driven, but I’ve become very keen on the whole coin necklace trend and layering trend. There’s a few other pieces that I’m keen to add to the collection. Here’s a little sneak peak at my wish list.


I actually have a number of books on the go at the moment, but my work situation has changed for the next few months, so I’ll be stuck on a bus each morning. I’ll be keen to have something to read on route. These would be my books of choice over the next year.

Cashmere Jumper

By now you might realise that for me it’s more about quality over quantity, or at least I try to be. At the moment cashmere is my jam, so once I saw the Paul Costelloe Cashmere collection on the Dunnes website it was a must have. They have some stunning colours, but navy, grey, or camel would be my choice. 

Travel Packing Cubes

With our travel looking more “let’s have an adventure”, and less, “let’s do are duty and go home”. Anything that will make my life easier and more organised I’m all over! 

Traveling is quite stressful and so every trip I’m going to buy something new that might help with the packing process or my stress levels. If you haven’t heard of packing cubes pop over to Amazon and have a little look. People say they will change your life.   

Chanel Lipstick and Nail Varnish

Last year I bought myself my first Chanel Lippie and Nail Varnish, when shopping for that first “set” I saw these orange shades and decided they were a must have. They would be perfect for the summer. And we all know I love a good lip nail combo.

Camera Case/Cover 

This has been on my wish list for a while, and it’s been in my amazon basket for the last few months. Since it’s payday on my birthday I’ll be treating myself to this one no matter what. Blue was the colour of choice, but now even thought I know it’ll get dirty, white might be what I end up going for. I might pop something on my IG stories to get your opinion. 

Hope you guys enjoyed my birthday wish list. Let me know in the comments below if there is anything in particular that you would like me to write about.

Is there anything that’s on your wish list? It doesn’t have to be on your birthday wish list ha ha. 

Keep an eye out on my instagram! I’m on a catch up situation at the moment so do bare with me.

Till next week (hopefully)

Sarah xo


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