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Super Simple Bread || MagpieMagpie Bakes

Hi Lovelies. Are you all keeping well and safe? I’m trying my best to stay out of trouble! It’s strange times at the minute, but hopefully this Super Simple Bread post will be useful and take your mind off the madness for a minute.
I’m not actually stuck home at the minute, but some of you might be. A few might be with your kids and looking for things to do. This recipe is super quick and easy and defo worth a try. With just 6 ingredients. Which hopefully most of you will have in the press already. A cup to measure. You should be able to bang out this delicious bread in less than 10 mins prep time and 20mins bake time. I make this every week for my lunch, and I love it. I find it so quick and easy! If I can do it, anyone can! 
If you can get your hands on Odlums flour, get it because their products are such great quality! I live in the Channel Islands so I can’t actually get Odlums here, but when I get a chance to i stock up and bring bits back here with me. I used Tesco porridge oats in this recipe, but if money didn’t come into it, Flahavan’s Organic Oats would be my top choice every time. My favourite yogurt to use has to be the Onken 0% Natural  (it’s in a bright blue tub). Any yogurt can be used really, so if I was you I’d be experimenting. I tired vanilla yogurt once as that was all I had, it wasn’t half bad,
If there’s one thing I’d prioritise buying, it would have to be the Odlums Bread Soda. It makes such amazing bread, like on another level. But if you can’t get your hands on it baking powder will do . Continue Reading