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Real Techniques On The Go Glow Brush Set || MagpieMagpie Blog


Hi Lovelies. Today we are back to make-up, but with a twist, brushes, Real Techniques On The Go Glow Brush Set to be exact. Brushes are something I have a small bit of an obsession with. I don’t have a huge collection, although I think I can assume it’s bigger than some. As you guys know I wear a full face day in day out. So there’s usually a few top up bits in my bag. I’ve had some random brushes over the years and loved them, but when I spotted this new kit from Real Techniques in Boots and I couldn’t resist. 

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Sigma Beauty Make Me Cool Brush Set || MagpieMagpie Blog

Make-up brushes are a must for anyone that is interested in makeup. I know everyone is raving about the beauty blenders and what not, but we all need to remember where it all started.

I have many a set, but most are for personal use. In the days when I was dabbling in Make-up artistry I decided it would be a nice idea to branch out of my comfort zone and dabble in a full sized set, a lot of my sets were travel size ( I love me a good travel set!).

It was at a time when my blog was in its very early stages and my YouTube channel was none existent. I did a bit of research and went with Sigma brushes. A “recommendation” for one of the 1st youtubers I subscribed to, Jaclyn Hill.

I spent weeks scrolling through the website , but kept coming back to the same set, Make Me Cool.


It’s essentially A basics collection that has five face brushes and eight eye brushes. The Face Brushes: F50  -Duo Fiber foundation brush, F30 – Large Powder Brush, F40 – Large Angled Contour, F60 – Flat Foundation Brush, F70 – Concealer. The Eye Brushes: E40 – Tapered Blending, E60 – Large Shader, E70 – Medium Angled Shader, E55 – Eye Shading, E30 – Pencil, E65 Small Angled, E05 – Eyeliner.



The reason I think I ended up choosing it was not only because of the colour, but choosing a set made most sense to me because I had no idea what I wanted in a brush set.

I had just started thinking about setting up a makeup YouTube channel and even thought purple (they have/had the same set in purple) is my favourite colour I just knew it wasn’t the right fit for this. 

I cant explain it, this colour just spoke to me and my MagpieMagpie colour was born.

The set itself is a great starter set, but you need to be willing to invest. They are not the most expensive out there, but they are certainly not the cheapest. 

I’ve had mine for over a year now and I’m hooked. My goal is to build the perfect copper set! I can’t wait. But for now back to the make me cool set.

As I mentioned it’s a great starter set. I’m not sure I would choose to purchase all of these brushes again, but it gave me a great start to figure out what I like and don’t like. 

Down to the important info:

The quality of each brush is very high! I’ve had my set since Christmas 2013 and they still look almost perfect!

They work really well with all my products, they blend all my products really well! 

I clean my brushes once a week, for the first year of having these they were the only quality brushes I has so I was using them all the time and and washing once if not twice a week. They was soooo well! I have heard people say that their brushes shed, I didn’t have that problem, except one. The E40 has been the most disappointing for me. It was the one that Jaclyn went on about a lot, but it’s the brush I like the least. Devo, but it happens. 

As I mentioned I will 100% be investing in more Sigma brushes and can’t wait to build up my perfect copper set. 

If you have any recommendations let me know.

Links to similar sets:

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Blank Canvas Brushes F40 F22


I have no idea why but I have yet to do a review on brushes. I had these photos taken already so I said I’d start with the blank canvas ones I got ages ago at the Beauty Show at the RDS. I often call things by the wrong name and in videos and other post I have called these brushes black canvas but it’s BLANK CANVAS! I didn’t intend to get any brushes at all as I’m very content with my sigma ones, but the purple one caught my eye and then I saw the pointed one, I was sure I saw Jaclyn Hill using one similar in one of her amazing videos so I said sure I’ll have them both.

VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W

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