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Valentine’s Sweet Treats || MagpieMagpie Bakes

Hello Lovelies. It’s that time of year again, let’s talk Valentine’s Sweet Treats. I have a mix of everything, from basic to kinda sorta “skilled”. I think the recipes are easy enough to follow and one of two are so super easy they could be done on the day.
They are all full of sugar of course, but next year I might try a few sugar free and gluten free recipes. I love sugar, but it’s good to have choices and I have baking so if you have any ideas let me know!

Valentine’s Popcorn

This is a favourite in our home as we love movies and cuddling up on the couch. I do this popcorn every valentines and its always a winner. All you need is popping kernels (or microwave popcorn) Harry Bo with the hearts and rings, and pink red and purple smarties. The only thing some of you might not like in this “recipe” is the picking out of the colours.

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