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My 2020 Shopping Ban || MagpieMagpie Blog


With the wedding starting to feel VERY real, and the fact I need to save,  it’s about time I start knuckling down and take this Shopping Ban seriously. I’ve thought long and hard, and have chosen 20 items that I’m not aloud buy in 2020. I tried to be realistic and aim to stick to it the WHOLE of 2020. I have given myself a few sneaky get out of jail free cards, but we are talking a whole year so I thought I’d give myself a little break. Some will be harder than others, some will be shockingly hard, and some might be surprisingly easy, hopefully. If this post goes down well, I think I’ll post one every year instead of doing a New Years Resolutions Post.


I used to use hand cream religiously and had a real obsessions with buying them. I only have two hands so I’m keen to use them all up this year and maybe just buy one per year after that.


I use highlighter daily, but I just don’t seem to get through it. I currently have about six, and defiantly don’t need six so that needs to be cut down for sure.


I just have way to many, and I’ve started buying gel polish too now so I just need to use up like ten this year and really narrow down my colours. I love them all of course, but some really don’t suit my skin tone so I really wanna get a small collection together thats perfect just for me.

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