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Life Update || MagpieMagpie COVID LIFE


Hi Lovelies, long time no speak. Since I hadn’t posted a life update in a while I thought it would be a good place to start in the new year. As most of you know I live here in Jersey Channel Islands. It’s a small island between England and France, it’s got a lower tax rate so Finance is the main Job sector here. COVID of course had an impact here, however we were very much kept in our little Jersey bubble.

You’ll know from my  Structure || MagpieMagpie in Isolation Post that we went into Lockdown for about two months here. In that time Jarek’s company went into liquidation and the uncertainty of my own job was lingering. Over that time I kept super busy and created a structure plan in my new normal. Like many of you, I also did a number of self destructive things like stalk people I used to know and compare my life. I read books on lifestyle, only to realise that the life we had created was far from the life we truly wanted.

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Structure || MagpieMagpie in Isolation

Hi Lovelies. How are we all? We are now officially in lockdown here in Jersey and I think it’s been about a month. I’m sure you‘ve seen that I’ve been keeping busy busy here. Reorganising the flat, baking, my excel course and of course pampering! I live for Structure, so my goal over the last few week has been to implement structure. And thrive in my new life. 😱
I love a duvet day, but after about a day of it I get a bit anxious and just freak out to be honest. I thought I’d share my day to day routine. Not only to give me something to do… but also to maybe give you some inspiration if you are struggling. This will be a long read so maybe settle in and get yourself a snack and a hot drink.


The Lifestyle

Myself and Jarek live in a very small flat that doesn’t have much space. He has been working from home for over a month. I too am working from home, but on my blog. He has set up in the sitting room and I’m set up in the bedroom, there’s a little section that I call the office. It’s usually my Monday night and Friday spot, but now it feels like my official office.
Normality is what keeps me sane so I’ve been trying to keep things as normal as possible. I get up about 7:30 and Jarek gets up about 8:00. I focus on making the breakfast and clean Jarek’s Office (the sitting room) a bit. By this stage Jarek is usually up and reading the news. We have breakfast and after Jarek’s off to work. I potter about for a bit and then make the bed and set up my little blogging station.

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My 2020 Shopping Ban || MagpieMagpie Blog


With the wedding starting to feel VERY real, and the fact I need to save,  it’s about time I start knuckling down and take this Shopping Ban seriously. I’ve thought long and hard, and have chosen 20 items that I’m not aloud buy in 2020. I tried to be realistic and aim to stick to it the WHOLE of 2020. I have given myself a few sneaky get out of jail free cards, but we are talking a whole year so I thought I’d give myself a little break. Some will be harder than others, some will be shockingly hard, and some might be surprisingly easy, hopefully. If this post goes down well, I think I’ll post one every year instead of doing a New Years Resolutions Post.


I used to use hand cream religiously and had a real obsessions with buying them. I only have two hands so I’m keen to use them all up this year and maybe just buy one per year after that.


I use highlighter daily, but I just don’t seem to get through it. I currently have about six, and defiantly don’t need six so that needs to be cut down for sure.


I just have way to many, and I’ve started buying gel polish too now so I just need to use up like ten this year and really narrow down my colours. I love them all of course, but some really don’t suit my skin tone so I really wanna get a small collection together thats perfect just for me.

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Stocking Fillers Under £13 || MagpieMagpie Blog


Hi Lovelies, Christmas is well and truly upon us so I have another Stocking Fillers post for you. I’ve searched high and low and found some great gifts for under £13. We’ve got some bits from Asos, Boots and Dunnes. I tried to give you guys a good mix of lifestyle, make-up, and home.

ASOS Stocking Fillers Ideas

I know socks aren’t considered such a great gift, but who doesn’t love a good pair of novelty socks. This little box set from Asos a great little filler. I always love getting a book for Christmas. You guys might not know this, but I love to draw. Unfortunately I don’t do it enough, so when I saw this book I HAD to include it. I’m on a eyeshadow palette ban, but if I got one in my stocking it wouldn’t be cheating. This Revolutions Palette is full of stunning shimmers. I know not everyone is into Crystals, but if someone you know is, this Protection Crystal Set would be perfect. It might be obvious by now that I have a mug problem, this super cute reindeer mug is defo being added to the collection! I love doing my nails, and next year I’ll perfect my Gel Polish skills. It wouldn’t be a stocking filler post if I didn’t include a little Lippie. I have many a Mac red lipstick, but not this one.   

BOOTS Stocking Filler Ideas

If you follow me on instagram you’ll see I recently bought some brushes, I love buying new brushes. I’ve never tried this brand of brushes, but I’ve heard good things. These light boxes always go down a treat. I got one a few years ago and still love it. Another shop, another eyeshadow palette. Over the past few months I’ve tried a number of the elf products, and this eyeshadow palette is on my wish list. Too Faced is one of my lust brands, I don’t often get too many products from the brand, but if theres a chance to try a mini I’m all over it. This Mini Mascara is a great idea for the makeup lover in your life. My anxiety can sometimes get the better of my, I’m not a huge fan of using medication so crystals and aromatherapy are usually what I gravitate to. I’ve used the This Works Stress Check roll on before and found it amazing so I’d be keen to try this Sleep On It Trio. I don’t have a bath, but they are one of my favourite things. Last year Gillian got me an advent calendar and it had one of the Aromatherapy Associates in it and I adored it. A perfect little filler. 

DUNNES Stocking Fillers Ideas

I don’t drink coffee, but the rest of the world seems to, so a reusable coffee or tea cup is a great little filler option. A bit of hair bling is bound to impress. These sparkly little numbers are perfect for the party season. Another great gift that keeps on giving are some statement earring, these jewel encrusted beauties are perfect for the magpie in your life. We all know I love a bit of homeware, this tea light holder is a great little surprise filler and this LED star is sure to shine bright. Snuggly socks aren’t just for Christmas, they’ll see you right threw the winter too.

Looking for more ideas? Heres a link to my Under £20 Stocking Filler Post and and last years Stocking Filler Post.

What are you hoping for in your stocking this year?

Hope you have a great Christmas.

See you in the New Year.

Sarah xo


Get Into The Christmas Spirit || MagpieMagpie Blog


Hi Lovelies. It’s that time of year again, so let’s GET INTO THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT. As always I’ve picked out a selection of goodies, that are sure to get you into that Christmas mood. I’ve got Jumper, candle holders, homeware and of course pyjamas. I’ve featured some of my favourite shops that all deliver to Jersey CI.


Dunnes store is one of my favourite shops from home. Bonus is they deliver to Jersey. I’ve picked out four bits that caught my eye, I’ve got the jumper waiting in my mothers for my trip home this year. It’s FabYuleOus and if it doesn’t get you into the Christmas Spirit nothing will.


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