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Sleek Eyeshadow Palette – Oh So Special 658 || MagpieMagpie Blog


Hi Lovelies. I’ve been going back through my blog and I’ve noticed I haven’t been sharing much in the way of eyeshadow palettes, so let’s talk about the Sleek Oh So Special palette.

This is my second purchase of this palette and I think I even have a mini one too. Sleek used to be one of my go to brands, and over the years I think I’ve bought almost every palette, so keep an eye out for more reviews. The Oh So Special palette is still one I reach for, its got lovely worm browns and pretty subtle pinks. I’m not a huge fan of pinks to be honest, but theses are not in your face pink pink so I think they’ll suit a lot of skin tones and eye colours.

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Blush Powders || Sleek MakeUp


Blush is something I was always told from a young age that a lady should always have. A slight flushed cheek, some lip gloss, mascara and you were set. Unfortunately I never quite got the whole less is more with blusher so I always ended up lashing it on and looking like bloody Rosie from Rosie and Jim. Long story short after getting a few too many hurtful comments about it I decided blush was only for old ladies.

Fast forward many year later and to a face full of adult acne, blusher became my trusted companion to help mask the fact that I had, well, caked my face in make- up, so it was just something I felt like I needed to help give my face dimension. I could just never get it right! Well actually most things to do with make-up I struggled with the first few years to be honest!

I’ve been thought sooo many colours and brands, but I think I’ve finally got the hang of it. Not only is less more, but after watching like 100 YouTube videos I have also realised that blushes can enhance or clash with a look.

I’d been trying out sleek products for a good while and came across an online exclusive on boots called “Sleek MakeUp Palette Gift Set“. The thing I was least bothered about was the blush. When it did arrive I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the blush! And after using it I invested in two other shades!



The colour that arrived in the set was a colour I’d never associate with blush to be honest. It’s called antique and it was this amazing warm nude brown shade with a shimmer. I tend to use this is the winter time more and then in the summer as a contour shade! Two for the price of one!! 

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the shade Rose Gold, I don’t think I need to say why, you’ve seen my Pinterest account.

And I have no idea why, but I decided I needed Life’s a Peach… It’s this super peach colour that I can only wear very VERY sparingly and in the summer, any other time and it feels wrong. It does look good with a coral lip though, I went through a phase there in the summer of only wearing a coral lip so it was only right to have a matching cheek. Ha Ha!!


Sleek Eyebrow Kit

As you may know, if you watch my YouTube channel, eyebrows are a bit of an issue for me. I had a few bad experiences with getting them “professionally” done and it’s been a long road to recovery. My first step in taking back my eyebrows was to invest in some eyebrow products.
I had no idea where to start so decided to investigate on Instagram and other Irish bloggers blogs. It turns out you need an army of products to get your eyebrows under control so to be honest I ended up getting more confused. I left it for a couple of weeks.
As I was wondering around boots, as I do so often, I headed to the sleek display. As you may have noticed I’m a bit obsessed with sleek, I have tried a number of their products, not all I have blogged about yet, and think the quality, packaging, and price are great.
So when I saw they were in the 3 for 2 I was all up in that!! I spotted this little kit and thought it was perfect for a beginner like me!
VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W
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