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Structure || MagpieMagpie in Isolation

Hi Lovelies. How are we all? We are now officially in lockdown here in Jersey and I think it’s been about a month. I’m sure you‘ve seen that I’ve been keeping busy busy here. Reorganising the flat, baking, my excel course and of course pampering! I live for Structure, so my goal over the last few week has been to implement structure. And thrive in my new life. 😱
I love a duvet day, but after about a day of it I get a bit anxious and just freak out to be honest. I thought I’d share my day to day routine. Not only to give me something to do… but also to maybe give you some inspiration if you are struggling. This will be a long read so maybe settle in and get yourself a snack and a hot drink.


The Lifestyle

Myself and Jarek live in a very small flat that doesn’t have much space. He has been working from home for over a month. I too am working from home, but on my blog. He has set up in the sitting room and I’m set up in the bedroom, there’s a little section that I call the office. It’s usually my Monday night and Friday spot, but now it feels like my official office.
Normality is what keeps me sane so I’ve been trying to keep things as normal as possible. I get up about 7:30 and Jarek gets up about 8:00. I focus on making the breakfast and clean Jarek’s Office (the sitting room) a bit. By this stage Jarek is usually up and reading the news. We have breakfast and after Jarek’s off to work. I potter about for a bit and then make the bed and set up my little blogging station.

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