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Real Techniques On The Go Glow Brush Set || MagpieMagpie Blog


Hi Lovelies. Today we are back to make-up, but with a twist, brushes, Real Techniques On The Go Glow Brush Set to be exact. Brushes are something I have a small bit of an obsession with. I don’t have a huge collection, although I think I can assume it’s bigger than some. As you guys know I wear a full face day in day out. So there’s usually a few top up bits in my bag. I’ve had some random brushes over the years and loved them, but when I spotted this new kit from Real Techniques in Boots and I couldn’t resist. 

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Hoola Bronzer || Benefit


Ok, so some of you may not know this, but I’m not a huge fan of Benefit. I have literally tried nothing of theirs if I’m being honest, but you know there are just some things where you are just like, “no, its not for me”.

Well Benefit was that for me!

Apparently my friends and family never knew this about me, so over the past while I’ve accumulated a number of products.

Today I’ll be chatting about the “Hoola” bonzer, a cult classic that many of my friends love!! I had the pleasure of receiving a mini/travel size one, if you know me you will know I LOVE travel size things, mini things, and anything that is a small version of something regular size. The bronzer must have seemed like a good idea coz I do love me a good bronzer!

I had heard good things about this product but wasn’t sure as I thought it was just hype.



For me the “mini” size is perfect. I can’t see myself using the larger one up, and I like a high turn over of my products as I’m very aware of things going off ( its a powder so this one technically doesn’t go off), and it just not being very hygienic to have things longer than six months to a year. That being said I do have a number of things that DEFO need the bin but I just can’t part with them.

I tend to use this as a contour as opposed to an over all bronzer. I think with my colouring it works really well for that, otherwise I can just look a bit dirty. I use it sparingly and blend like a MOFO. It builds up well so for a night out you can have a strong contour with it. Continue Reading