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Hi Lovelies. Let’s talk foundation, the Catrice HD Liquid Coverage foundation in 010 to be exact. I have a real love hate relationship with foundation. I used to use it because I had really bad acne and felt it was an everyday necessity, but now I think I use it because I like the polished look it gives.
My skin type is oily, very oily to be exact. My skin also tends to oxidise foundations which is a pain when you have a ghost like complexion like myself. I’m not sure I’ll ever find my holy grail, but the Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation comes close.

It’s a super lightweight liquid, that’s full coverage, but not heavy. Even with my oily skin I find it last really well and give me a lovely natural look. The colour range is good but like with most foundations it’s a tiny bit dark. I’ve used lightning drops with it which work ok, but they aren’t the Catrice brand so I might try their ones and see if that makes a difference.
For me Catrice isn’t easily accessible, I have to order online, which I don’t like doing with makeup, so when I go home to Ireland I buy a few new bits to try out and then get my Mum to repurchase what I like when she’s planning to come over. The price point and the fact that Catrice products are Vegan are one of the most attractive things about the brand. Another is that they wear great on my skin.
Do you use Catrice? I’d love to hear about your favourite product so don’t forget to leave a comment, I’m keen to purchase more. Here’s a link to another foundation post you might be interested in L’Oreal Infaillible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation.
Till next time.
Sarah xo

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