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Hi Lovelies, I’m back again with another post. This time it’s all about the Elf 16HR Camo Concealer. We all know I love a full face, but ever since completing roaccutain I’ve been trying to let my skin breath a bit more. During the first lockdown I really focused on completing the couch to 5k, but I’ve never been great at leaving the house with no make-up on, and even when I used to go to the gym I’d still usually have some sort of coverage on my face. So I started just using liquid concealer, a bit of bronzer and lashings of waterproof mascara. The best of the bunch so far has been the Elf 16HR camo concealer.

Even though it’s my current go to, it’s is actually quite difficult to work with. It’s thick, it dries super fast and you’ll need to make sure the colour match is spot on! It tends to take me longer to do my make-up if I’m doing it this way as I have to do a lot of blending. More often than not I’ll use it with a blending sponge, but only coz it’s faster. A brush does give it a bit more of an even look. If you take the time you get the amazing coverage where it’s needed, but your skin still shines through. It also lasts so well!



As we’ve gathered by now, packaging is important to me. I know it shouldn’t, but a good looking packet can really sway me. I like the initial look of the packaging, but I don’t like the opening. Mine has leaked out all over my bag, I have to wipe it down so this doesn’t happen, which is a waist of product. And if I didn’t take care putting the want back into the opening it would explode. I got use to it and can avoid that now, but really I shouldn’t have to do that. It’s a real bugbare for me!

Ever since wearing a mask came to be the new norm my skin hasn’t been in great shape. So I’ve been wearing this combo more and more. Word on the street is that is you suffer from mascne not wearing a full face of makeup is the best way to get it under control.  I’m not 100% sold on this, but I’ve been avoiding wearing a full face of foundation as much as possible. I just use the concealer on my blemishes and anywhere I get red. And then blend like you never have before. It really does go a long way so start out with a TINY bit and go from there.


I go between that shades Fair Beige and Light Sand. My skin has a very red undertone. And at the same time I’m so pale I’m almost blue. So getting the right shade for the real world is actually quote difficult! If I have time I will mix theses two shade to make the best match.


This type of makeup look did start out as kinda a “gym” makeup look. But since finishing roaccutane I’m a bit more confidant in my skin, so I have been trying to avoid wearing a full face on my days off. I found I’ve been gravitating towards this combination more and more. As I have to wear a mask all day at work I might sometimes add some powder just for that extra bit of staying power.

I can’t wait to get back to my full face, but this will definitely be my go to day off look and “gym” look.

As always if you have any products you are loving, I’d love for you to leave me a comment!

Till next time.



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