Get Into The Christmas Spirit


Woohoo it’s that time of year again, so let’s get into the Christmas Spirit.

I think for the rest of 2018 we are just going to have to face the fact that if I actually get a post up on time it’ll be a miracle. I do promise to try my best to get one up once a week. 

As you guys know by now I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas! It actually is the most wonderful time of your! Christmas 2017 was a very trying time for me, but the celebrations we had at home was just magical. I think any situation can be made special once you concentrate on the positive, and shop of course! Retail therapy can sometimes be just what the Dr ordered! Nowadays  I try to stay away from a fast lifestyle, but I have to say when Christmas comes around that all goes out the window. This year I have to be a bit more reserved as my circumstances have changed and I went a bit mad last year so I should be covered for a year or two. Ha ha.

Right anyway that enough waffling, back to the post. 

I can’t wait for the 1st of December, to get the Christmas Jumpers out and the tree up AND the mulled wine on! I’m hoping with this blog post you’ll get right into the spirit. 



Who doesn’t love Pjs? I’m into cutesie, snuggly ones. You won’t see anything sexy here! We used to live in an apartment that had an open fire, and there was nothing better then getting on the snuggly pjs and a hot chocolate with a Christmas movie on, with the fire crackling in the background. DELIGHTFUL! 

These first ones from Dorothy Perkins are a bit more subtle Christmas, which is great if you want you Christmas pjs to see you through January too these ones might be the ones for you. These are currently on sale at £25.60 so get in quick before they are gone!

This festive little number are from Dunnes are RIGHT up my street, I love a good red set and if they have little Christmas imagery #winning.  For those of you who don’t know Dunnes, it’s an Irish based company that does in fact deliver to Jersey! They are also the most reasonable of the lot coming in at £8. 

This year there isn’t a shop that doesn’t have a pair of Grinch Pyjamas. These ones from NewLook with the “Naughty Who Me?” slogan are right up my street. I have a similar pair from last year that I can’t wait to get out. These ones come is at £19.99.   

This ones for the safety queens. Not too Christmas, but just Christmas enough for the ones who like Christmas but don’t go OTT like the rest me ha ha. Coming in at £18 from Next they are not the cheapest, but it must be said, they are very cute.


Not sure about you, but for me by the time October comes around I’m dying for a cute new pair of slippers! I tried to pick out something for everyone but I’m not 100% sure I’ve achieved that. I think next year I’m going to do this section a little bit different next year so I’d love your feedback. Anyway back to the slippers. 

I couldn’t resist these uber sparkly ones from Accessorise these are defo an all year rounders in my eyes. Who says lounge wear can’t be glam. These one do come in a bit more expensive than the others at £22.

These ones are for the traditionalists out there. I love the pattern and the colour combo. They did also have these in red but there was just something I liked more about these. These ones are another Dunnes find and come in at £8.

This pair might not be for everyone, but I think they have their charms. I love the faux detail and anything with moons and stars on is a winner in my eyes. These little cuties are from NewLook and they come in at £12.99.

This may come as a sock to you, but these are my favourite out of the lot. I know they are not the most festive, but they are so chic and subtle. These little beauties are from Next and they come in at £15.



Candles are a must have in the winter, and in the Christmas period they can really give your home that Christmas Hygge. I LOVE LOVE candles, I like to invest in really hight quality hand poured ones, but sometimes you can beat a cheap little festive number. Again I think I have something for everyone. This year I think I’m going to be a bit more reserved and get myself Kota Candle and diffuser in Joy. I can’t wait for the whole flat to be filled with the delightful scent. Let the Christmas Hygge begin! 

The first delightful choice is this SUPER festive choice from Dunnes,  once I saw this I couldn’t resist. Eeeeeee so festive. I can’t be sure of the scent, but spice is always nice for Christmas. This little beauty comes in at £8.

Kota candles are one of my favourite candles, and the best bit is that they are based in Jersey and I love that they can refill. This year I’m getting myself JOY refilled into my original gold Kota candle holder and I’ve kept my defuser bottle in good nick so hopefully they can refill that one too. I LOVE this scent and I cant wait to fill the whole flat with the scent of JOY. Candles usually come at £25 and a reed diffuser comes in at £20, but if refilling they come in approx £5 less, but I have not been quoted yet.

Ye can’t beat a Yankee Candle, massive, cheap enough and cheerful. If you are planning on having your candle burning A LOT this might be the one for you! Not to mention this particular one smells DEVINE!! They usually come is at £29.99 but at the moment Boots have a discount. 

Another brand you can go wrong with at Christmas is Wax Lyrical. I love there big jars they usually do, but this year I was keen on this packaging and I liked the sound of the scent. This one comes in at £12 but again Boots have a discount.


Hot Chocolate

Nothing says winter wonderland like hot chocolate! I’m a huge fan and I have my favourites, so I had to call in an export (my bestie Juls) to help me add a few options. I will also mention, you will need spray cream, marshmallows, and appropriate festive sprinkles. It’s also best served from an appropriate festive mug, with a loved one. Alone is fine too though ha ha.

First up is Julia’s choice. Green and Blacks organic hot chocolate. I like the actual chocolate so I can see why I wouldn’t like the hot chocolate. Jul’s is a hot chocolate cono sur so I trust her judgement on this one! It’s usually about £3/4 pounds

Next up is a brand I get every year, BUT I also go for the salted caramel. I think I used to just go in and get that one before all the Christmas stock would come out so I actually didn’t know they did a gingerbread one. So this year I’ll defo be trying this one! And yes with all the trimmings! Thanks be to God I’ve joined back curves. This one comes in at £9.

This one is my go too every year, coz I’m a greedy pig and I want options! De Gruchy used to do them but not anymore so not sure I’ll be getting it this year, but you can’t have all the hot chocolate. 

This one is a classic and HAD to be put in because Galaxy is my favourite chocolate of all time! 


Christmas Jumper

You can’t beat a good Christmas jumper! I’ve been building my collection over the past few years so I can’t wait for the 1st of December. I know work in a place where I can wear my own clothes every Friday so you know I’ll be in one every Friday. So far I’ve only bought one Christmas Jumper this year, the Primark one, but I’m keen on all the ones in this post. I could only choose one other I think it would have to be the first one from Esprit. My style is usually jeans and a pair of boots with a jumper so they fit into my wardrobe really well.

This Esprit one is right up my street. I love wearing navy, especially when its paired with the red and white. I try to be a bit more fabric conscious, but I’m afraid this all went out the window when it came to shopping for Christmas jumpers. This comes in at €49.99. I can’t figure out how to find the £ price, there is a shop in St Helier so I’ll try check.

NewLook is a handy shop for me and I tend to buy a good few bits there so I had to include a Christmas jumper from there. I spotted this one on the website and thought it was very cute and not like any I have already. I like the mix of textures. This one comes in at £22.99.

Next up is the jumper I’ve actually bought. I saw this and thought, yep that’s the one for me. I love pom poms, sequins, and hashtags! So it was the perfect addition. I can’t actually remember how much this one was so apologies about that.

After scouring the net for Christmas jumper picks that would be available in Jersey and Ireland (the Primark one not included) and I kept coming back to this one from Lipsy. I have loads of Christmas jumpers in this black with sequins so I did try to stay away but I love wearing them so I thought feck it, lets put it in! This one comes in at £28

Last but not least is my favourite. Home stuff!! They are just the icing on the cake. The finishing touches that make a house a Christmas home. 



Here are a few cushion options that Next has to offer.  I love each one of these for different reasons. The first appeals to my Magpie side, the second to my traditional side, and the last to my hygge side. They range from £10 – £14.

Mugs are a MUST have in winter,  but I always like to have a special Christmas mug that I use every year. I kept my options quite classic, but I could have gone made, there are so many options out there. Here are a Couple of mug options from Dunnes. Theres mugs come in at £3.50 and £2.50.

I still have my spatulas from last year but Marks and Spencers have some in store and so does De Gruchys. If you are an avid baker like me they will be an essential.

I end up spending a lot of time in the kitchen in the month of December so cute tea towels are a must. This year I found it difficult to find nice traditional ones, but I thought these ones from amazon were on trend.  Tea towels and over mitt from amazon.

Need a bit more inspiration? Check out my post from that year HERE and my Red Lipstick and Nail Varnish Perfect Fro Christmas post here.




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