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Here we are… Late again. Sorry x

This might be a really random post, but I just couldn’t resist chatting about Kikki.K. It’s recently become available in De Gruchy, so I was excited. I envisioned a bigger selection, but that didn’t stop me spending my money.

I think I was first introduced to the brand when I got into planning and I followed a few groups on facebook, and then I saw Zoella chatting about it. Since then I’ve followed then on insta and just coveted everything! I’m not a huge fan of buying online, so as there was no stockist here I haven’t bought much.

On our way back from our London trip we traveled trough Gatwick, where they had just put up a Kikki.K stall. I was so excited, went straight over, the girls there were lovely and helpful and great advocates of the brand!

I ended up getting a pencil case type thing, that I use as a little makeup bag, and a book. The best part was that they had the option to personalise things, so I got “Magpie” foiled onto my pencil case in rose gold and it was worth ever penny!

I’m still reading the book, I’m a slow reader, but I’m finding it very educational and I use my little makeup bag daily, it’s the perfect fit for what I need and a great size for my hand bag.

I’m so excited that someone on the island stocks the brand now! I went for a look and was straight away drawn to the glass water bottle. I’d been on the hunt for a new bottle that I could use at home to help me drink more water. With my acne meds it’s so important to keep hydrated and with the fact I’m keen to try roaccutane it’ll be vital to drink water constantly. I wanted to get something nice that I’d enjoy drinking from and that would, in the words of Marie Kondo, “spark joy”. I’ve been trying to think like this with all my purchases!

IMAGE OF BOTTLE this will follow, i cant seem to get a great shot 🙁 

I’m a huge fan of gold foil, so once I got it out of the box I was just so excited to use it. It has to be hand washed, so I’d advise getting the appropriate type of sponge otherwise you’ll pull off the foil. I know it’s only a bottle, but for me it’s perfect! Good spout, it’s symmetrical, a good size, and I love that it’s glass and bamboo. I know that if I take care of it it’ll last me a life time. It was approx £16 (Jersey Price); which for the quality, I thought was great. 

After being so pleased with my purchase, I couldn’t help but pop back over and have another look. I ended up coming out with a sticky notes set, that was so cute, and a new pen, coz you can’t have too many pens. 

I know stationary isn’t for everyone, but it’s a passion of mine and I just had to chat about this brand! Do you love Kikki.K? I’d love to hear about your must haves!

Till next time. 

Sarah xo 




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