Last Minute Valentine’s Gift Ideas |


1. Chocolate lollipops

Ok so if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll have seen that I love Valentine’s. I made these last year but I decided to try and jazz them up a bit. I saw this idea on pinterest and HAD to try em!

Last year I just made chocolates, but this year I’m actually using the mould how you are meant to and made lollipops!! I have no idea but I was super excited about it!

Lets get into this!

You will need: 500g of chocolate (I chose white chocolate)

                           Sprinkles of your choice

                           A lollipop mould. (I have a lips one that I bought especially for Valentine’s last year) You can get them in most baking shops.

                           Lollipop stick things



Just melt the chocolate until its melted and smooth. This can take a while, but do it slow and steady as if you do it too quick it goes all funny. While thats melting get your mould ready! This is when I added some sprinkles at the bottom of the mould and then added in the sticks. 


Once I was happy with the texture of the chocolate I used a tea spoon to add the chocolate in. I tried to knock out the air by tapping it on the counter lightly and then lashed them in the freezer.







2. Shop Bought Cookie Mix

Ok so this one I was SUPER lazy with as I tend to make my super amazing sugar cookies and then decorate them, but we want something super quick and easy and last minute so feck it here we go.

You will need: A cookie dough packet mix (I chose the betty crocker, its my fav choice) 

                          The packet said to add water and like 2 tbsp but I added that and then some milk coz it wasn’t working.

                          Pink lovie dovie sprinkles. I wish I added more!!


I just followed the instructions and then as I said I added some extra milk to get a better dough consistency. When I got it to, what I thought was a goog looking dough, I added in some sprinkles. I also added some to the top but as I said I wish I added more!! LOTS more!

But again I was super happy how they turned out and they were soooo quick and easy to do so I’d highly recommend them!






3. I Love You Post-it’s

This is the most time consuming, which I didn’t realise until I started to do it and gave up half way through. I know I know….

I made a very large heart shape, If you have time and energy I’d do it, other wise do a small one!!

You will need: Post-it



I chose to put them in Jarek’s wardrobe, so I drew a large heart with the pencil and then just wrote on the post-its and stuck ’em up there. I liked this idea, but I chose to do it on a day when Jarek pissed me off and I was sooo tired so yeah as I said I gave up half way through.






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  • Reply Sue 17/02/2018 at 11:24 AM

    Great Post! Might have to invest in some silicone moulds! And I loved the cookie idea! Just adding colourful sprinkles is such a good idea!

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