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We all need some basics in our cardinal and I’ve always said I’m keen to chat with you guys more about my “basic bitch” must haves, so here we go!

First off let me chat you through how I came across this brand. I was on the market for some new shampoo and had no idea where to start. After doing a bit of online research, I got totally overwhelmed by the info so off to Boots I went.

It wasn’t long after quickly scanning the shelves that I noticed chocolate, nothing else mind you, just the words chocolate. Sold!

Alas it was not meant to be as these products didn’t mix well with my hair and I have to say I was devo! So devo that I put it up on my insta stories.

A few hours later and the company got in touch offering to send me replacements, eh winning! I was shocked and so impressed by their genuine want to help me find the perfect products. After a few questions from the Lee Stafford team about my hair I was told a package would be on route.

It didn’t disappoint. My hair has oily roots and for some reason, hates cream products. I actually have a real thing about cream products in general, they just don’t do it for me. Obviously if they smell like chocolate I’ll be blinded by the want ha ha, but usually I steer clear.

The fabulous team at Lee Stafford decided to send me out the Sea Salt Shampoo and Conditioner.

It arrived in this amazingly pink jiffy envelope with a lovely note inside and of course all wrapped in pink tissue. It was the perfect time for these products to arrive, as a heatwave was on the way, and I just melt so I was constantly in the shower (sometimes just to cool off ha ha).

The shampoo was AMAZING, perfect for beach days. I really got to exfoliate my scalp and it created a lather that I have to say I didn’t expect. Needless to say a little goes a long way. It didn’t strip my hair at all it just left it feeling so clean and fresh. This is definitely on my summer must have beauty products list.


Now let’s talk about the conditioner. I’ve never used a conditioner like it. It comes in a pump bottle and comes out like a foam. It was so light and sleek I was blown away. Most conditioners are a cream consistency, but not this one. It left my hair feeling so light, cream ones always make my hair feel so weighed down. This is an all year round choice for me! It’s definitely the conditioner to beat!

A huge thank you to the Lee Stafford Team for getting in touch and choosing some amazing products for me! I’m officially a fan.

What’s your “basic bitch” shampoo and conditioner of choice? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks so much for reading, and sorry it’s a day late. Till next week!

Sarah xo

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