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With the wedding starting to feel VERY real, and the fact I need to save,  it’s about time I start knuckling down and take this Shopping Ban seriously. I’ve thought long and hard, and have chosen 20 items that I’m not aloud buy in 2020. I tried to be realistic and aim to stick to it the WHOLE of 2020. I have given myself a few sneaky get out of jail free cards, but we are talking a whole year so I thought I’d give myself a little break. Some will be harder than others, some will be shockingly hard, and some might be surprisingly easy, hopefully. If this post goes down well, I think I’ll post one every year instead of doing a New Years Resolutions Post.


I used to use hand cream religiously and had a real obsessions with buying them. I only have two hands so I’m keen to use them all up this year and maybe just buy one per year after that.


I use highlighter daily, but I just don’t seem to get through it. I currently have about six, and defiantly don’t need six so that needs to be cut down for sure.


I just have way to many, and I’ve started buying gel polish too now so I just need to use up like ten this year and really narrow down my colours. I love them all of course, but some really don’t suit my skin tone so I really wanna get a small collection together thats perfect just for me.


So in theory this should be no problem as I’m not a massive lover of blush and I have a couple so I should be fine. Famous last words I hear you say…

FOUNDATION (unless I finish two bottles)

I have a real love hate relationship with foundation. I’m very pale and my skin tends to oxidise foundation so I can think I’ve found the perfect shade and a few hours later its too dark. I think this one in my shopping ban will be the hardest.


This one in my Shopping Ban shouldn’t be hard until Christmas time. I love me a red lip, but the ban will give me the chance to figure out my favourites from my collection. I might even finish one or two…


I don’t have much love for nude lippies anymore. I’ll be aiming to wear them more this year, only in the hope of finding the one that I can repurchase. I have a decent selection of nudes and did love them when I purchased, but theres only one or two I reach for so I’d be keen to get the use of some and move on.


I don’t even really use socks, but I’ve LOADS. Sometimes I can’t resist the cute ones, or the novelty ones. BUT no more.


This one is already proving difficult, I have given myself a get out of jail free card, at Christmas I’m aloud to get two Jumpers.


I follow people like Emma Hill, ShotFromTheStreet and Bang on Style, who rock a white T like no other. I wanna love them and buy and buy them, but they just aren’t me just yet.


Since putting on all the weight I’ve been avoiding buying clothes altogether, but it’s been so hard knowing I have a great work wardrobe that I can’t fit into. Money better spent on getting off my weight. So no more work clothes.


I hardly ever go out out any more so no point in torturing myself  with shoes I will hardly ever get to wear. I have a nice selection at the moment so this should be an easy ban.


I have a problem, and it needs to be stopped this year! But I’m sure I’ll forget all about this at Christmas and buy about 6 more cushions. 🙁


I may have already slipped up on this one already… luckily my new year doesn’t start till February.


I have plenty, I hardly ever use them, so it’s time to read and start making.


I have a couple still to read and I always find them more time you read them the more information you get from them. I’m not the quickest reader so actually this ban should be this year and the next.


It might not be so obvious, but I have a love for all things stationary. This is a similar situation to the cushions. Have too many, defo don’t need that many, need to stop buying.


As above. Ha Ha.


Again, I may have had a bit of an oopsie already. I thought all Orelia Jewellery was all sterling silver, but sure its cheap as chips so I’m not sure what I was thinking.

Will you be partaking in a Shopping Ban this year? I think this is just what I need. Less consuming and more appreciating what I already have. Of course you don’t need to go as mad as I have. I just eat and shop my feelings so I think this will be a really good growth exercise. If you do decide to ban yourself I’d love to know what it is.

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