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Hi Lovelies, so 2021 is well and truly here! As you know, over the first lockdown I had a life revelation and since then I’ve been trying to put my 2021 plan of action into practice. If you’ve followed me for a while you will know that my New Year doesn’t usually start until February. But like the rest of you I was keen to see the back of 2020 so I’ve already been thinking about the future, and how to put a plan of action in place for my dreams for the future. 

Thankfully for me COVID didn’t hit me too hard. Yes, I couldn’t go on holidays, yes I had to spend two months at home in our tiny flat with no outside space, and yes Jarek‘s company went into liquidation. BUT not many of my family caught the virus. And as far as I’m aware no one I know died from the virus. For the moment all we can do is  stay safe by following the rules, and keep our distance.

You’ll know from my previous post that I’ve struggled with my life choices, and the life I’ve been living. So this year I plan to focus on what I want. What makes me happy. What brings me joy. Not to mention how myself and Jarek can take a big jump forward in a small space of time. Meaning marriage, house, fur babies, baby. I’ve taken the first step already and I start a new career at the beginning of March. I’ll also be working on losing the weight again, revamping the flat, declutter like never before, and main streaming my wardrobe. I’ve decided to do Project 333 which I was excited and nervous about. All of the above should help with my stress and anxiety too.

I’d usually do a big post on my New Year’s resolutions. I’d probably do 21 coz its 2021, but this year I’m just focusing on a few things and smashing them! Currently I’m focusing on the kitchen. I’ve just finished painting it and I’ve started to reorganise so I can make more time for cooking and baking. Something I really enjoy. After that I’ll be focusing on decluttering the bedroom.

With regards to the weight loss. In February I did be doing the Special K diet (which was two weeks), followed by another two weeks of my low GI Diet, the second part hasn’t been so successful TBH. But when I can get back on track, this should help ween myself off the sugar and constant eating. Then I’ll be focused on batch cooking healthily soups.

Then comes fitness. Theres a jogging group one of my colleagues is in, so once that’s back up and running I’ll join too. That should get me warmed up! And I’d really like to get back to boxing when we can.

I start my new job soon too. I’m looking forward to learning new skill, not to mention FINALLY having weekends off. In theory this should give me more time to blog too so I can focus on this a bit more. I really enjoy it! But it is very hard to give your all too things when you have split days.

Well I think that has you all up to date on my plan of action. Hope you guys are all trying to stay sane and safe! Next week I think I’ll finally get up my Sugar Biscuits post, I’ve made them for years but have never done a proper post on them so next week is the week.

Till then.


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