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Hi Lovelies, long time no blog. I’ll have a Life Update post up soonish, but for today I’m keen to chat about My “easy” sustainable changes to make. I’ve been doing lots of reading, listening to lots of audiobooks, watching lots of documentaries and I’m slowly making changes. I’ve decided to do a little series called MagpieMagpie Evolves. I hope to inspire, but also to hold myself accountable and to track my progress.

That’s why I’ve written this post. My “easy” sustainable changes to make.


This one in theory should be easy enough. But it’s harder than it seems. I’ve been doing a lot of research and have decided my action plan going forward is. Attempt to stop buying altogether, and when things do need replacing concentrate on the basics. Taking things like the fabric, is it fast fashion, and do I really need it into account.

Here are some sustainable clothing and accessory places that have caught my eye., Sezane, Reformation, Veja, to name a few.


We use batteries regularly. And consistently around Christmas. Our local supermarket has a battery recycling bin, but I couldn’t help but be disappointed with the amount I was putting in. So I’ve changed to rechargeable. To make sure that this is actually a more sustainable option, we won’t be buying any regular batteries at all and we will make sure to recharge when needed. They say if you use your rechargeable batteries a min of 50 time it can make an impact, so that’s what I’ll aim to do. The brand I have are the Energizer ones, and I got them in my local supermarket.


Summer time is approaching so you know what that means, picnics. I love a picnic, I go all out! I’ve often fell pray to the deals in the shops. You know the ones where you get olives, and the sun-dried tomatoes that are covered in plastic. Now I opt for the same products but in glass jars. It’s not usually too much more expensive than the deal, they usually have a better quantity than the deal, and they tend to keep longer. We’ve tired a few, and these are our current favourites. Do bear in mind that we are based in Jersey Ci, so you’ll probably have to have a hunt yourself in your local super market. We have a picnic basket which we reuse every year, but this year I’m also getting a few bits that are a bit more convenient.

Matalan had a really nice set of bamboo cutlery and straw, which comes in a handy pouch. I also got a picnic bag that is insulated,  this will be so handy in the heat. I reuse jars and will invest in some bamboo plates and some more cotton or linen washable napkins. The bag and it’s content are much lighter and convenient, so it’s a great alternative when I wanna make an effort, but with a little less hassle.

We picnic a lot every year so I know we’ll get great use out of these bits. If you are just an occasional “picnicer”, a beach bag with cutlery from home, and some jars or lunch boxes are all you need!


Might seem obvious, but making your own lunches should not only save you money, but should also save on waste. I have reusable lunch boxes, glass and BPA free plastic ones. I reuse nice jars. Have a reusable water-bottles, coffee cups, and thermos. I have stashers too, I recently bough some washable cotton napkins, and to carry it all in I have insulated lunch bags.

I make my own simple bread which means I don’t have plastic wrap, but if I want other bread I go to our local bakery. When I buy ingredients for my soup I try to get organic and plastic wrap free. When I’m feeling flush I go to the local butchers and get slices of ham and cheese. I try to make homemade backed goods too, not only to avoid plastic, but it also means I know exactly whats in them. No powered egg for me please (we’ll maybe on the odd occasion).


Reusable bags, eco friendly products, loose leaf tea, reusable sponges, reusable cotton pads (I’d also recommend FaceHalo, they are my ride or die), buying loose fruit and vegetable, recycling (check with your local centre), washing things on a cool wash.

There are so many ways we can be more sustainable, I’ve just picked out my “easy” sustainable changes to make picks. Easy to me, might not be easy for you, but that’s ok. Just try what you think might work for you. As they say, you won’t know till you try. You might surprise yourself.

If you have any others I’d really appreciate you popping a comment below so we can get a conversation going. Small changes can make a difference.

Till next time.

Sarah xx

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