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Over the past few years, I’ve been trying to get more into blogging about travel. Still not really sure what I can bring to that genre, but I really wanted to write this post so, hopefully it’s helpful. Your feedback could help guide my path, so please leave a comment below!

I’m not so keen on the getting there part. This usually means that everything is planned to a TEE. This doesn’t always work out, so on this last trip was a bit more “casual”, or as casual as I get. 

Here are my top tips if you are traveling to Marrakesh soon: 

Change your money when you get there.

To get the most out of your money it’s best to change your Euro or Stearling when you arrive. You can do this at the airport, but we decided to wait until we got to our Riad. When we got there we were advised that the best place to change money was the Ali Hotel. It’s situated just around the corner from the Koutoubia Mosque. It was a very popular place to change money so it’s always busy busy, but it offers the best rate (we looked around) and it felt a bit safer as it was such a popular place to exchange money.

Bring all your cosmetics and creams with you.

This one was important for me this year because of the roaccutane. When packing all my suncreams and skincare was a priority. I had everything I needed. Can’t remember why now, but for some reason we needed to find a chemist.

As we were in a Riad for the first couple of days, we were in the inner wall. This can be hard to navigate, so just bare that in mind. We searched for days and days but, randomly one day when we were in the souks and just happened to come across one. I think in our second hotel there was a Spa and a shop, so I could have got a few bits, but better to bring what you need instead of panicking later. 

Don’t linger at the men with snakes and monkeys 

If you don’t want confrontation or people demanding your money, don’t make eye contact and do not stop. I stupidly stopped because a tourist was getting super close to a cobra and then suddenly there was a man in my face with a snake. I firmly said NO, but next thing it was around Jarek’s neck. At this stage I had begun to get uncomfortable and stepped away. Long story short he followed me urging me to take a photo, stupidly I did so of course he demanded money very aggressively. Jarek had to become just as aggressive and he eventually went away after I gave him like £7. Personally I didn’t enjoy it and got a bit upset, so if your HSP like me be prepared to be overwhelmed and treated like a cash cow. We did offer money but, he was demanding paper money. Know the currency before you leave the hotel!   

Runners (aka Trainers) are a better idea then sandals

Great idea to have both, but runners are a must, I learnt this the  hard way. We went off to the souk and I wore my white sandals. Not such a good idea! I ended up filthy, and full of germs I’m sure! It was hot on my trainers, but it was so dirty, so totally worth it!

Have you any tips for Marrakesh? It would be great if you left a little comment below and I’d love your feedback on this post! Any advice or constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated! 

Till next time my lovelies xo



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