New Years Resolutions 2018


I’ve had quite a tough year so far and I wasn’t really up for putting myself under extra pressure by doing lots of New Year’s Resolutions, but as I’ve started a new job this month and am feeling a bit more back to myself, I decided my New Year will start in June 2018 and so will my new habits!

Many of them are the same as 2017, I found last year to be one of the most difficult and damaging to my mental health and the start of 2018 wasn’t any better, but everything is on the up and I’m excited to step into my new role with positivity. Once I’ve started to put all of the below into practice I know it will give me the drive to create the life I’ve always dreamed of.

1. Get Driving Licence

This has been going on long enough and I hope in a couple of months to start studying, I’m gonna give myself one month of hardcore study and then book in my theory test. This might take a week, or it might take months, either way I’ll get prepared and I’ll aim to be ready no matter what happens.


2. Do Yoga Everyday

I’ve started back doing Yoga at home and I love it! It’s more for my Mental Health as opposed to fitness. I find we live in a world where people are cruel, mean and just plain wicked. Some think this should be acceptable, I can assure you I do not!!! To help me feel grounded and protect myself, I will be doing yoga every evening after work and in the mornings I will listen to positive affirmations. 

If you struggle with your mental health, I urge you to try it. I started with the 30 day yoga challenge with “Yoga with Adriene” and I loved it!


3. Surround Myself with Like Minded people.

I’m a very social person and love meeting and chatting with new people. Over the past 3 years, since moving to Jersey, I’ve found it quite hard to connect with like minded people. This I feel is due to my current lifestyle so I’m keen try new things and join classes in the hopes of broadening my circle. 


4. Never Apologise For Who I Am.

This year, and most of my life really, I’ve been made feel like I need to apologise for who I am.

I’m proud of the person I have become, and refuse to apologise to people who act passive-aggressively and then say I’m the one with the issue. Being passive aggressive is one of the most petty and cowardly things you can be. I’ve worked very hard to be very self aware and I won’t let anyone take that away from me! 



5. Get Involved With A Dyslexic Organisation.

I’m dyslexic. I don’t think that will be a shock to any of you, I talk very freely about this and my mental health. Many of us have it, there’s no shame in it, and yet to this day I still feel prejudiced. 

I always thought that I was open and confident with it, but I now realise that I have edited myself to apeas others. This year I’ve realised this is stupid as some people are just nasty and will say and do things to make you feel shit in order to make themselves feel good. So just be your beautiful self!

I’m keen to talk more about this on my blog and youtube to help break the stigma that is attached to it.


6. Nest Like Never Before.

We moved into our flat a year ago and I’m loving it! It has taken me all this time to get stuck in, but this year I’ve really started to make it our home! 

I’m trying to be more minimal, so this year I’ll be buying large pieces that will last us a number of years and that we can move with us if needs be! A new dining table is on the list, as well as a new couch and a massive rug! 

I’m so excited to really show my decorating style and really make our flat a place that I’d be happy to live in and not be upset by surprised guests.

I love entertaining and having people over so this year I want to have a flat I’m proud of!


7. Get The Body I’ve Always Dreamed Of – I’m thinking this is going to take a bit longer then the rest of the year, but you have to start somewhere.

I’ve been very depressed over the past few months and I’m not the “I’m depressed let’s starve myself” kinda person, I’m the “Let’s eat my feelings” kinda person. So long story short I’ve put on quite a bit of weight. THIS IS OK!! I am aware and will fix it.

If you are like me and are sensitive, this is NOT a negative thing by the by…, nasty things people say will effect you! I’ve had months of consistent negativity so I’m making changes to my life that will help kick start a better lifestyle.

I’m keen to start Yoga again, I’m also thinking of joining Curves to get me in the correct mind set and get motivated! I’ve started making small changes to my diet too so in a month, or so what I’m eating should look much better.


8. Post

I love getting cards and post and letters, but my friends are shit so I hardly ever get any ha ha. I’m going to lead by example and I’m going to start sending a postcard every couple of weeks to a different friend. I have a massive collection of post cards so I’m determined to get through them! 


9. Be More Organised / 10. Get That Minimalism lifestyle I’ve Been Dreaming Of, with a mix of my MagpieMagpie Lifestyle

This one I really struggle with when I’m not having the best time with my mental health. This is why I’m so keen to become more minimal. What I’ve learned most from all that I’ve been reading is, have less stuff (obviously) but most importantly have a place for everything! I have a place for most things but little bits of crap are everywhere so I clearly need to reorganise. So now once I come in the door I put my shoes away, hang up my coat and my scarf and my bag. I used to throw them down and come back to tidying them up later. Not any more! 

I have too much stuff too, there is no way that I need everything! So I will for sure be going through everything bit by bit as the year goes on, and then in 2019 do a MASSIVE clear out. I’m hoping by the end of this year I’ll have most of what I don’t need gone so this should hopefully be easy as!

The reason I’ve been so attracted to Minimalism is due to my anxiety. Choice isn’t always a good thing so this will make my day to day life less stressful, I feel. We’ll see how it goes.


11. Travel More. 

This year this won’t be to fantastic destinations wise unfortunetly but nice places nonetheless.

So far we’ve planned a romantic trip to London, I have a trip home to Ireland booked in and we’ll be heading to Poland too. I’m also thinking of meeting with a few friends in London again or maybe Brighton again. 

I have nothing planned for 2019 but I know I’m gonna be traveling to a few different destinations. 


12. Go More Organic. 

– Clothing

Organic cotton is widely available so this should be no problem at all! So far I’ve gotten some T-shirts from H&M, but I hope to get some undies and socks, and I need a Sugarhill Brighton dress and tee, so they are on my hit list! I’m sure I’ve seen that Mango also have organic Denim so I’ll have a look into that a bit more and get back to you in like September / October time!


Currently we eat organic butter, milk, honey, yogurt, tea , and Chicken breast (when it’s available)! Back in Ireland we could get Organic meat no problem and it was VERY reasonable, here its’s another story! I’m keen to try ordering some stuff from Amazon and I have recently been made aware of an organic farm here in Jersey, so I’ll be visiting that too!

– Skincare / -MakeUp

I have little or no organic skincare, I think the only thing I have is a roll on deodorant from Dr. Organic. I like regular skincare so I’m not sure how motivated I’ll be to pursue this but we’ll see.


13. Eat Less Processed Crap / 14. Try To Eat Less Chocolate so when lent comes around I won’t fall off the wagon the 1st day

I love soup, so I now make my own homemade soup. We also really like pizza so I’m keen to learn how to make that at home myself. We eat quite a bit of pasta too so I’ve started making my own homemade sauces. Long story short I want to do a bit more meal prep and cook things from start to finish.

I still eat chocolate but I try to make treats at home myself so I’m eating less processed treats. I really want to do lent next year and give up chocolate for charity, at the moment that seems impossible but I really want to try!


15. Get Free Of Debt.

This might need to continue through to 2019 but I’m excited to say that by this time in 2019 I will be free of debt and can finally save to invest in our future. We are keen to get married (but as of yet I have not even been offered a ring!) but my spending has been a bit metal so we are thinking of having a long engagement (if he ACTUALLY asks) and then do the deed.  

So I have about a year to get my loan paid off, clear my credit card, and get my IFC things paid off too! A year is totally doable, but it means I will be rather quiet and not doing too many lunches out. It also means shopping less. This should be easier then it has been, but I’m working on it!!


16. Read More

I’ve sort of cheated with this as I’ve just singed up for Audible. But I have a number of books I’ve bought and haven’t read. So until they are read Audible is on the back burner! I’m dyslexic and find some books can take me longer to read then others! But I just have to stick with them and ideally enjoy the reading experience. I used to read before bed but I defo can’t do that anymore, I just fall asleep. so Thursdays and Sunday mornings are my book reading days!! I like to make a little ritual out of it! Orgonise my space, make a cup of tea and get cozy! 

17. Do a photography course & a Media Course

I’m really keen to get a better eye when it comes to photography! I’ve always loved photography but haven’t really got that eye. Some people have it naturally but others need to work at it and need some guidance. I like structure so I think the guidance option is what I need!

I’ve just signed up for an online media marketing course so next month I’ll be starting that, I’m super excited about that and the layout seems super structured so I can’t wait to get stuck into that! I think maybe Autumn / Winter time is when I’ll do the photography course! There isn’t a hell of a lot to do here in the winter months so I think it’ll be the perfect time!


18. Waste Less. 


I’m terrible for wasting food at the moment! I forget what I have in the fridge, it goes off and therefore goes to waste. So I’ll be doing a food plan and sticking to it! This will hopefully help when I got back on my Low GI eating plan!

-Clothing & Shoes

Stop buying shoes that don’t fit me! My feet are shit so there are only a few brands I can wear comfortably. I just need to face facts and stick with them! Same goes for clothes.


They all have a use by date. From now on if I haven’t finished a product and its still in the use by date it has to be all used up until I’m allowed to buy a new one! If I get something and I don’t like it, offer it to friends or donate it! If I stick with this I should waste a lot less!!

I’m also thinking of cutting down on my cotton wool usage, I do my nails a lot so I will still need to use it but I will only be buying the boots Organic one as this is better all round!


19. Recycle 

Recycling is very important to me, but it’s a bit of a shit storm here in Jersey. I’m actually thinking of getting in touch with the council and doing some blog post about how we at home can do better with this! It’s such an important thing that I want to make everyone more aware of! And make sure I’m doing it right. They have some rules here that I’m not sure I’m following exactly!



If you read the whole thing, good on ye!! Wish me luck and as always keep in touch.

Till next week, 

Sarah xo


Ps I stole all the photos from Google and edited them a bit… hope that doesn’t upset anyone! 

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