Pandora Autumn Collection Review


Pandora launched their new autumn collection and I have to say I’m liking it. This season is numbers and symbols, the season before was letters and symbols which means you can update on ones you may already have. I really love that big jewellery chains are getting into meanings and positive energy with charms and other items.

So as a fan of Pandora I was quite excited about these coming out. They come in sterling silver and some come in 14ct rose gold. The letters and numbers are self-explanatory, A – Z and 0 – 9. The symbols are a bit more personal.

Pandora Review

The HORSE SHOE – meaning good luck. This would be nice for people going into exams or starting a new job or even just a pick me up for someone who feels like luck isn’t on their side.

The DOVE – a symbol of love, peace, hope and the messenger. This would be lovely for confirmations. It would also be a lovely gesture of forgiveness if ever you need it.

The KEY – a symbol of freedom. This would be a perfect gift over the traditional 21 charms. The key is a known symbol of 21st birthdays. It would also be appropriate for someone who has overcome something, or who has broken boundaries in a positive way, and last but not least the key to my heart.

The FOUR LEAF CLOVER – a symbol of faith, hope, love, luck, prosperity, and seemingly Irishness. Traditionally each leaf of the clover represents faith, hope, love, and luck. Again this would be ideal for a person going into exams or a new adventure. Also would be a nice wishful gift, meaning you hope the person finds these things in their life time.

The ANGEL WING – a symbol of protection, guidance, safety, guardian. This would be a beautiful wishful gift also. It would also be a touching gesture for someone who may have lost a loved one.

The EVIL EYE & the HAMSA HAND – a symbol of protection against the evil eye (anger, envy, pain). This could not only symbol a trip to Turkey, where the symbol is mostly recognised but also a gift for someone who needs protection from envy.

The Star / Pentagram – a symbol of everything around us. Spirit, air, earth, water and fire. The delicate balance between good and evil. The way this star hangs represents a closeness to a higher plain.

Infinity; a symbol of infinity, forever, always. A gift for that someone close to you, a friend, a loved one, a relative. Nothing ends, it only changes.

The Heart – Affection, love and romantic love. This is not just for couples, the heart can be given as a sign of gratitude or affection from one friend to another. Love is not restricted to romantic situation 😉 .

The Cross; a symbol of the four elements, the cardinal points, and divinity. Idea for any religious celebration such as confirmation, and communions.

The most interesting bit about the new collection are the symbol bracelets. I have to day I really like them and if they come out in two tone I might just have to save save save and get myself the Hamsa Hand one!! They are very light trace chain with the charm being the exact same size as the traditional bracelet charms. I don’t know what it is about them but I just think they are so light and pretty and dainty and a very everyday piece.

Pandora Review2

I am unsure of what Pandora’s meanings are but everything in the above text are my own thoughts on their products. There might be many other meanings but for me this is what I think when I see these symbols.

The Sterling Silver charms are priced at €29, the Two Tone (my fave) are priced at €119. The symbols bracelets are priced at €49.

They should be available in stores now.


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