Sizing a Pandora Snake Bracelet


Q. Can your Pandora snake bracelet be made smaller?

A. Yes!!


I’ve often been asked this question and knew that this was possible but never knew anyone that had it done or knew anyone that would be willing to do it.


I’ve found a place, Rocks Jewellers on Grafton St. It was super easy and the staff were very nice. I myself had a 20cm bracelet which was much too big for me after I’d lost weight so I decided to get it shortened. I was going on holidays and hadn’t been wearing my bracelet anyway, so for me it was the best time to do it.

I had been measured for a new Pandora bracelet and was suggested a size 18cm (which would probably stretch out a bit) so I decided to go with that size. I got 1cm taken from each side, this costs more and there is more work but I am all about the symmetry so I did it. It cost €30, half the price of buying a whole new one. I have to say was worth every penny.

Pandora Bracelet

(The Top Bracelet Is a Brand New Pandora, The Bottom One Is My Own)

As you can see from the image above my bracelet is still in very good condition and I have no bends or looseness in the bracelet so I felt I’d get a few more years out of it so it was worth the money.

I was very pleased with the results! I can’t tell you how long it took because I was away for two weeks but I think it only took about a week to do. The finish was really good. The soldering at each end was very well done and to be honest it looked like a new bracelet. The only difference between mine and a new one was the centre section.





In hind site I should have gone for a size 18.5cm if that was possible as I didn’t account for the fact that my bracelet has already stretched. But other than that I’d defiantly recommend getting it done.


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