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Hi Lovelies. I’ve been going back through my blog and I’ve noticed I haven’t been sharing much in the way of eyeshadow palettes, so let’s talk about the Sleek Oh So Special palette.

This is my second purchase of this palette and I think I even have a mini one too. Sleek used to be one of my go to brands, and over the years I think I’ve bought almost every palette, so keep an eye out for more reviews. The Oh So Special palette is still one I reach for, its got lovely worm browns and pretty subtle pinks. I’m not a huge fan of pinks to be honest, but theses are not in your face pink pink so I think they’ll suit a lot of skin tones and eye colours.

Something that kept me going back to Sleek was it’s very reasonable price and the packaging. It’s in the name, Sleek. They aren’t too bulky, the amount of eyeshadow you get, in my opinion, is perfect and the mix of mattes and shimmers are just what I look for in a palette. I wear a full face of make-up everyday, it has become a bit more muted as the years have gone on, but my signature look has always been a worm brown in the socket with lashings of coppery shimmer.


This year I’m on a bit of a shopping ban, and eve though I haven’t banned myself from buying eyeshadow palettes, I have said I’ve got to do a post about 5 of them before I invest in some new ones. So do keep an eye out. I actually did a post in this palette many moons ago so here’s a link.

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