Stocking Filler Ideas for Under £8


Needing some stocking filler ideas? I have a few option coming that should have something for everyone. I’ve tired to up my stocking game over the years. They don’t need to be expensive, that being said they can be if you wish, they just need to be thoughtful. I chose gifts I’d like to receive, and I’m hoping I’m multifaceted enough for there to be at least one thing you’ll like.

A mini mac lipstick is such a cute idea, especially if you can get their favourite shade. They save some classics like Ruby Woo, Twig and Sin, so there is bound to be something from the shade range that’ll be appropriate. There are some other Mac mini options such as setting spray or I think there are mini pigments too, one of those beauties in the stocking would go down a treat.

Today as we are on a budget of £8 (reminder that I live in Jersey, VAT Free) so we are going to stick to the mini lippies and the pigments

Nothing beats a bit of jewellery in the stocking. There are so many choices out there, but a brand I go back to for fashion jewellery at such reasonable prices, is always Dirty Ruby. They are stocked on the Argento website. They have a sale on at the moment so get in quick. The pieces I chose are quite universal in that no mater what size you are they should fit as most are adjustable.

I wear make up EVERY SINGLE DAY! Yep you read right every day, so getting some essential in the stocking can be really thoughtful. I really like the Real Techniques sponge, and they come in a few options now so there should be something for everyone! I like that they do little “tree ornament” ones, that’s so cute and festive.

One of my favourite things to buy, makeup wise, are eyeshadow palettes. At this stage one could assume that I own every single Sleek eyeshadow palette. Well I actually think there are two I don’t own, and just last week I hit pan on the last shade in one of my most used ones. Sleek is such a great, affordable make up brand, with something for everyone. Here’s a few of my favourites. Also if you are not familiar with the brand but are interested in try out a few pieces, I’d recommend getting the advent calendar. They are one pound over the £8 budget, but hopefully you can let it slide. 

CHOCOLATE, nom nom nom. If there is no chocolate in my stocking it’s a total fail. One of my favourite chocolate brands is Lily O’Brien’s. There’s lots to choose from, but my go to are the Sharing Bags. I think bag is enough for me and my favourites are Creamy Caramels with Sea Salt. They do have a collection on sale at the moment that comes in on budget so I could be tempted.

A bit of skincare in the stocking is great too! A lot of companies have minis. One think I always need in the winter months is hand cream. Seven pounds is a bit steep for a mini sized hand cream, but Christmas is the time for a little bit of luxury. I’ve never actually used this product myself, but I’m keen to try the Bohemienne one. I love hand cream and if theres an excuse to try out a luxury one I’m all over it.

Next on the hit list. MakeUp brushes. I’m sure I’m one of many, but I love me some makeup brushes. I have a growing collection and I LOVE getting them as gifts. Even if you aren’t massively into brush a couple of new ones around the party season are always helpful. Eco tools are great quality and cruelty free. They have some great set so I’d encourage you to have a look. These one are on budget and great value, not to mention practical. 

Last but not least, a book. I really enjoy reading, and I’m a huge fan of hardback books. I’ll kinda read anything, but I love self help, astrology, makeup and fashion. This first book has been on my wish list for a bit. I love astrology and zodiac, but I have to be honest, I was very taken with the cover of these books. 


I’d love to hear whats your Christmas Stocking must have! Did my stocking ideas help? Let me know in the comments below. 

Till next time.

Sarah xo


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