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Hi Lovelies, 

I hope you are all have a fantastic lead up to Christmas. I’m back again with another stocking filler gift guide.

If you’ve read Sundays post, you’ll know that I’m really trying to up my stocking game! This post is very similar to the previous one but, the main difference is that I’ve upped the price and just given you one gift idea. I think as the years go on this type of post will evolve, so I’d love your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Also just to mention again, I’m based in Jersey CI so all my prices are based on the prices available to me here.

Lime Crime is a brand I’ve always wanted to try, but am never sure about it. That being said, if I was to receive one in my stocking I’d be pleased. I love me a winter berry colour so when i saw this one I knew it had to be in the post. Unicorns are really big right now too so even if it’s just for the package, you know you’ve bought something just for the packing, we’ve all done it, it’ll go down a treat. This little beauty comes in at £14.45

Next up is a bit of bling. I saw this on Island Threads insta stories and knew it had to be featured. Personally I prefer silver at the moment, but I know how massive yellow gold is right now! This coin style pendant is perfect for a magpie as it has that bit of bling and would look great layered! This is a bargain at £12.

This ones for my fellow makeup addicts! A Beauty Blender is a great idea, coz it’s useful and a great stocking filler. They come I’d a great range of shades, I usually get the turquoise coz it’s closest to my blog colour ha ha. Here in Jersey De Gruchy has them for about £15 and you eat a free mini soap which is super handy. They also have a great range of colours. Boots also do it, but it comes in a bit more expensive at £17.

A new new makeup palette is a great gift at Christmas, not only for the party season but it could mean a fresh makeup start to the new year. I love Zoeva palettes, I think they are so reasonable and great quality. I’ve only got two but I have my eye on a few more! This one comes in at £15.

Nothing beats a new makeup bag! I have a bit of a collection that I really need to sort out but, who wouldn’t love this little sparkly number jammed in their stocking. As you guys know I wear a full face everyday but I do have some bits I have for nights out. Also I do realise that some of you might just be a weekend makeup wearer. So this should be a winner all round! It’s also on sale for £8 on Asos which is great!

Chocolate…. enough said. LIR is another favourite brand of mine. Amazingly De Gruchy is stocking them in their Christmas shop upstairs, but LIR have a fantastic website so I’d defo check that out. My ABSOLUTE favourite truffles from the range are the Marc de Champagne one. They are to die for! If you try them, let me know what you think.

This one might be sold out by the time I get this up BUT if you can get your hands on it I’d highly recommend it. It smells great and makes my hands feel amazing. I know I’ve said it already, but nothing beats a bit of luxury skincare in the stocking. Arbonne do this in a large size, but we all know I’m a fan of the minis so I’ll be gunning for the mini. If anyone is interested in hearing more about Arbonne and their products leave me a comment below or pop over to Nicola’s site

This probably won’t actually fit in the stocking, but when I saw this book on amazon I thought it was right up my street. I’ve just been trying to get through 2018, but I really feel like 2019 is going to be such a great year for growth and change. I’m keen to get back on the healthy band wagon. I’ve always been an advocate of  eating better to not only look better but feel better mentally and physically. 

I’ve had a few Bobbi Brown books in the past and I found them so informative and inspiring so I’m really keen to invest in this book. If any of you guys have this book I’d love you drop me a message about your thoughts on it.

I’m really loving doing these types of post so, as always, I’d love your feedback and if you are inspired by my post I’d love to see any pics. 

Next up is approx £25 stocking filler. I hope to have that up on Tuesdays so keep an eye out.

Till next time.

Sarah xo




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