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Hi Lovelies. How are we all? We are now officially in lockdown here in Jersey and I think it’s been about a month. I’m sure you‘ve seen that I’ve been keeping busy busy here. Reorganising the flat, baking, my excel course and of course pampering! I live for Structure, so my goal over the last few week has been to implement structure. And thrive in my new life. 😱
I love a duvet day, but after about a day of it I get a bit anxious and just freak out to be honest. I thought I’d share my day to day routine. Not only to give me something to do… but also to maybe give you some inspiration if you are struggling. This will be a long read so maybe settle in and get yourself a snack and a hot drink.


The Lifestyle

Myself and Jarek live in a very small flat that doesn’t have much space. He has been working from home for over a month. I too am working from home, but on my blog. He has set up in the sitting room and I’m set up in the bedroom, there’s a little section that I call the office. It’s usually my Monday night and Friday spot, but now it feels like my official office.
Normality is what keeps me sane so I’ve been trying to keep things as normal as possible. I get up about 7:30 and Jarek gets up about 8:00. I focus on making the breakfast and clean Jarek’s Office (the sitting room) a bit. By this stage Jarek is usually up and reading the news. We have breakfast and after Jarek’s off to work. I potter about for a bit and then make the bed and set up my little blogging station.

The Day To Day

By this time it‘s usually about 10. Usually I wear a full face of make-up everyday, but since I’m only really getting out for a run I’ll just do a bit of covering up, try to tame brows and lash on the mascara. Once I look presentable and the flat is all nice and tidy I change into my “gym gear” and head out for a “run”. I‘ve put on even more weight (I like to stress eat, or use stress as an enabler to eat whatever I want).  I’ve started doing the NHS couch to 5K and even though I’m struggling a bit I’m gonna try my best to stick with it. The “run” usually takes about 30 mins. I usually walk for an hour or so, depending. One run into my second week I strained a muscle in my calf which ended up putting extra pressure on my knee so I have to take a bit of a break. This messed up my routine so I struggles HARD that week.
I aim to get home about lunch time so I can eat with Jarek. And then blog, reorganise and maybe watch something. My blog takes up a lot of time normally, so it’s been quite easy to now make it a good chunk of my day. I go down the rabbit hole until about 4:30, then I get the dinner preparations going. Then chill vibes and quality time.



I try to only go twice a week. That’s actually harder than it sounds, and I still can’t always get the things I want or need. Luckily we get Hello Fresh which covers Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays dinners and we usually order our veg from the organic shop which usually cover lunch for a few days. I’m keen to try a few more delivery options, I’ll keep you updated.
It’s really tricky for us as we only have a small fridge and the freezer is one of those small shelf ones that lives inside the fridge, so I’m trying my best to stock it up with out waisting things. Once I’m home I wash and put away my shopping and hop in the shower. I try to have a little pamper session with some essential oils and a body scrub. I chill and try to wash all my worries and stress of the shopping trip away. 
Then it’s back to reality and I get into the kitchen to get my Super Simple Bread made and my soup on. I try to make enough soup and bread that lasts us a few days for lunch. I can usually get about 3 days out of it. That’s 6 meals altogether as there’s two of us.


Lunch And Dinner

I mentioned above that for lunch I’ve been making bread, I’ll link the recipe here, and soup. I’m thinking of doing a soup post, if that’s something you guys would be interested in, let me know in the comments. Every Friday we have a little Fetch Jersey treat day and order something yummy from a local business. Dinner has never been fine, Hello Fresh has really taken the pressure off and we try to schedule what we’d like on Thursday so when we pop to the shop a the weekend. We haven’t had any issues with getting meats or veg, but random bits like the organic honey we like or green tea have been tricky. We think in the future we’ll buy our tea from a local loose leaf tea company here.
Jarek’s office is our dinner table, and it’s actually one of the things I’m really struggling with. We had most of our meals at the table, but now we are eating meals on our laps or on our make shift coffee table. I hate it! I can honestly say I’ll be so grateful when I get it back!


Quality Time

In life, this is generally really important to me. Quality time is something I don’t compromise on. Where possible we have lunch together, and we always have dinner together no matter what. We were watching tv while having dinner, but we decided it would be a bit nicer to just chill with some music in the background. Then it’s clean the kitchen time and after a bit of Netflix or Amazon Prime. On weekend days we make the sitting room our base with lots of tea and biscuits  ( or what ever baked goods I’ve baked up at the time) a good book and comfy clothes.
Hope you are all Staying Safe and looking after yourselves.
Till next week.


  • Reply Julia 15/05/2020 at 1:18 PM

    Lovely structure! Seems like you guys are doing well! Love the sound of the soup masterclass! I have a slow cooker I’m dying to use again! Hope that you get your dinner table back some day soon!

    • Reply MagpieMagpie 17/01/2021 at 12:35 PM

      Trying our best to stay sane! Have you used your slow cooker yet?

  • Reply Elaine 02/06/2020 at 1:28 PM

    Great post! I love having a treat day too! I’ve also been trying to support local businesses more at the moment 👍

    • Reply MagpieMagpie 17/01/2021 at 12:33 PM

      What do you do for your treat days? And what local business has been your favourite so far?

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