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So you’ve decided to have a Halloween party at the last and now your up shit creek with no paddle! We’ll I’ve got you covered!

So lets start with decorations. Its’s too late know to go art college on it so pop to your local pound shop and get yourself some web, the one I got was called Scary Spiders Web and it came in green and white. You’ll also need some thumb tacs, mine are rose gold but a matching colour of the web would be best!



Now all you have to do is go mental with it! The best thing about this is you can really streach it out so one pack goes a long way! I’d go for any corners, where spiders like to be, and then just go mad.

I shouldn’t need to mention this, but you will clearly need pumpkins…


I will always have some sort of food so I decided to add the webbing around the table. I loved how it turned out and would highly recommend you try it!


Another great Idea, if you don’t have cake stands, is to use your regular bowls and plates. Just turn the bowls upside down, place the plate on top and cover with some webbing.

Ok now on to the goodies!

First up we’ve got mummy brownies. As we are on a tight time scale I’d get a brownie mix packet. Betty Crocker does a great one and all you need to do is follow the instructions. Basically lash it in a bowl, lash it in a brownie tin, lash it in the oven… done! Once they have cooled cut into squares, then you just need to decorate them! 

The googly eye is what makes this so really try hard to find them! Betty Crocker does do some so start there! I search high and low but they were impossible to find so I’d suggest using white chocolate chips upside down. Of course here in Jersey at the time all i could find was chocolate chip chunks so they had to do!

To do the Mummy bandages you have two options. 1. Melting white chocolate or 2. go full Betty Crocker and use the vanilla frosting. In hine sight I think I would have just gone full Betty on this one!! 

Stick the goggly eyes down with some on the chocolate or frosting and then either drip the chocolate over each square or pipe Bettys frosting over. You Choose!!

Link to Bettey Crocker Mummys


Next up is a simple yet effective one! We are gonna cheat and make one cupcake and then just decorate them different.

I used this chocolate cupcake recipe, but I NEVER use margarine, so switch that to butter (organic if possible). This recipe serves 8 so depending on how many guest you have you might wanna double up! 

Now for the decoration.

I usually choose to do one massive batch of butter icing and then separate it out into bowls and colour.

Link to Simple Butter Icing Recipe

I use food colouring paste as it gives the best colour and texture, but we are last minute here so just get what ever you can get your hands on. It’ll also a good idea to get the ready made tubes, most shops will have their own brand, stick with the colour theme of purples, green, black, orange and red. 

I went with a ready made green that was lime flavour and a purple to add colour to my own butter icing. I used the cling film trick (see image I stole from google below) its easy and less messy. Now all you gotta go is go crazy! I used a large star nozzle coz its my fave!



This next decorating style is a little bit more tricky! We need to colour our icing in two different batches. We need a hole lotta orange and a small amount of black! Once your orange is done lash it onto your cupcakes with a spoon, we need a smooth, flatish, surface. once you’ve iced all the cupcakes you’ll need to get a cup of boiling hot water and a spoon then use this to even out the tops. Let “set” in the fridge for about 15 mins. Now we need to pipe out pumpkin faces.

I did try a stencil this year and for you super last minute people I’d say do it coz it was soooooo quick, just doesn’t look perfect, so for me in the future it’ll be piping all the way!!

My advice here is take your time, and have fun of course!



Now if you are so super last min that you don’t have time to do this much baking I’d say buy a couple of packs of pre-made brownies and plain cupcakes / fairy cakes and hand decorate.

Then buy in some goodies like a traditional barmbrack, Mr Kipling’s Fiendish Fancies (these only come out at halloween), popcorn (coz who doesn’t like popcorn) and jellies.





Good luck and if you do recreate any of the above please let me know xo 

Hope you enjoyed this bonus Halloween post! 

Till Thursday,

Sarah xo

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