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Lets’ talk Halloween Spells aka The Freezer Spell! No better time to let you in on my White Witch ways than Halloween week. I don’t often call this a spell to be honest, it’s something I’ve always done and my mother before me. We never really called it a spell, not that we have an issue with the word, it’s just never really what we’ve ever called it. I would just be telling Mum about someone toxic and her first question would be are they in the freezer? EnterThe Freezer Spell, a spell to “freeze” toxic people.

I have used my artistic licence with the photography of this Halloween Spell, but to be honest I get home from work, after a day of toxic behaviour, I get out a used up tea light holder a small slip of paper, write their name on it, fold that paper away from myself, place in empty tea light holder, fill with water and put in the fridge. Hey presto, the cooling off begins.

One thing that is important to do when folding the paper is to ALWAYS fold it away from you, and try to envision the result you want. Meaning if you want someone to leave you alone, then that’s what you think about when you fold the paper away from you. Heres a link to another post about this spell just incase you want another perspective. 

If you try it out you have to let me know! I’d love to hear your results. And if you have any ideas for Halloween Spells let me know. If you are a lover of Halloween like myself, here’s a few links to other Halloween inspired post, 7 Vampie Lippies for Halloween, Last Minute Halloween Bakes, and The Freezer Spell.

Till next week.

Sarah xo



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