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Hi Lovelies, it’s that time of year again! Are you all ready for some Valentine’s Sweet Treats inspiration? We all have nothing better to be doing this year, than stay at home (and stay safe) so some homemade sweet treats made with love are a MUST! Right?

Sugar Biscuits

I make these all the time and they always go down well! The base stays the same, but the decoration changes. I saw these half dipped style cookies on Pinterest and loved the look. Jarek likes white chocolate so thought it best to keep him happy, since they are a Valentine’s gift for him.

Of course these biscuits can be made at any time, in any shape, and can be eaten plain or decorated as you wish. They have become one of my “pantry” staples.

I a lot of my baking supplies from Donnas Cake Decorating Supplies, they have everything you’ll need and more! I’ve just checked the website, and unfortunately a lot of what I have is sold out.

Strawberry Pie (served with ice cream of course)

To my dismay Jarek isn’t keen on cakes, but I’ve found his weakness, pies! During the autumn, in the De Gruchy sale I bought a stunning Le Creuset pie dish. I started with shop bought pastry, and frozen berries. But over time I got more comfortable and can not make sweet short crust pastry, this Odlums one is my favourite. And so far this is my favourite raspberry filling recipe. As I’ve done mini pies, I halved the recipe of both to make four mini pies. And I reduced the time as a smaller pie won’t need as long.

Mini Homemade Raspberry Pies

Mini Homemade Raspberry Pies


I was so pleased with how they turned out. They looked and tasted great and most importantly they went down very well with Jarek.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Raspberry Buttercream and Chocolate Heart Decoration

I love baking cupcakes, but I’ve really struggled to bake a great chocolate cupcake that comes out good every time. This years recipe comes from Jane’s Patisserie. I was very attracted to this recipe because it has my favourite chocolate as one if the ingredients, Galaxy Chocolate. I did however, decided to use raspberry buttercream as I felt that would be a bit more Valentine’s. Heres a link to the buttercream recipe I’ll be using.



Looking for some more inspirations? Here a link to all my previous Valentine’s posts. Will you be baking and Valentine’s Sweet Treats this Valentine’s? If you make any of these recipes I’d love to see a pic.

Till next time.

Sarah xo


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